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Catalyst Video Services have just replaced their Glidecam camera stabiliser with a brand new DJI Ronin S 3-axis motorised handheld gimbal stabiliser.

Catalyst Video Services new hand-held motorised gimbal stabiliser

Perfectly smooth video footage every time

Once our high-definition DSLR has been fitted and balanced the motorised stabiliser smooths any movement of the camera. A series of motors automatically adjust the tilt, rotate and pan axes to keep the camera perfectly level. Any walking movement or twists and turns are beautifully smoothed out. The camera really does appear to be floating!

Handheld gimbal stabiliser – quick setup, never miss a shot

Another advantage of a handheld gimbal stabiliser is the speed at which footage can be shot. There’s no need for setting up of tripods or mini-cranes. Where ever you can walk or squeeze into, the camera can go too. Quite often a shot is compromised because there’s no room (or time) to set up a tripod. Also because of the clever design of the stabiliser the camera can be moved from above head height to within inches of the ground in one simple flowing movement – great for those following shots.

Choose the style of shot with different modes

The Ronin S features 3 different mode settings which can be easily changed on-the-fly. If you want a super-smooth cinematic feel to your video then that’s what we’ll provide. Or maybe you want a smooth but fast subject filming. We’ll just swap modes and the stabiliser becomes more responsive. Or, not for the faint-hearted, maybe you want a 360 degree barrel-roll à la Christopher Nolan – we can achieve that at the touch of a button.

Total control – maximum creativity

The Ronin S allows you to not only achieve super smooth video on the move but can also be controlled via an app on our mobile phone or iPad. Advanced features include a face-tracking mode, predefined moves, a panorama mode, time-lapse and motion lapse and a host of other controls that mean we can get really creative when we need to.

Watch this space for our showreel coming soon!

More information

For more information about our promotional and demonstration video production service please contact Catalyst on 01832 293175 or email:


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