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Website video production services

How can website video help your business?

Website video plays a huge role in search engine rankings. It’s 53 times more likely that you’ll get a page one ranking on Google if your website contains a video. Video is engaging – much more engaging than the written word and it breaks the ice between you and your viewer. It’s easier and faster to educate your customers and market your product or service.

  • Corporate video production
  • Live event and conference video production
  • Training and demonstration video production
  • Services video production

Video for websites

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Complete website video production service

Catalyst Video Services offer a complete website video production service. Filming, editing, copywriting, music and voice-over are all produced in-house to create affordable information videos that can easily be embedded into your company’s website and social media sites or supplied in the format of your choice on DVD.

Video production for all applications

We produce website videos for many applications – to showcase products and services, to show how a product is used or to demonstrate the technology behind it, to build relationships with your customers, to help build your company’s own unique brand and character, to attract the right calibre of staff etc… Website videos help to sell your company.

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Services videos – Website video production

In today’s competitive market it’s essential that messages are communicated clearly and quickly. We viewers are a lazy bunch and it’s easier and much more entertaining to click on a video than to read through a chunk of dry text. A short website video can introduce your services, key personnel and overcome the language barrier to global sales.

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Product videos – Website video production

Selling product online calls for far more than just offering a better price than your competitors. Video provides a richer experience for your potential purchaser, keeps them on your site for longer and offers the opportunity for your product to sparkle – all leading to increased sales. A different slant that can help your product stand out from the crowd.

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Event videos – Website video production

An event video records that one hour or one day in a unique way. Live events present one opportunity to capture the footage. We film with two cameras and also take still shots to produce an exciting video that captures the buzz and ambience of any event – from exhibitions, speeches and presentations through to corporate days, company jollies and team-building exercises. Event video can encourage customers to visit your exhibition stand, can enhance the brand and build the character and attract the right calibre of candidates to join your company.

View short playlist of Catalyst videos:

Property and architectural videos – Website video production

A video walk-through can showcase a building or property and bring the scale and experience to life in a way that static images are unable to achieve. Video is the perfect medium for documenting historical buildings and architecture and is an ideal medium for property developers and estate agents to attract buyers to unusual or prestige properties.

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Time-lapse videos – Website video production

Time-lapse photography is a video technique whereby the frames are taken at a much slower rate than normal but are then played back at the standard rate of 24 fps. The frame rate that the images are taken can vary from one frame a second to one frame a day. The technique allows things to be seen that we are not normally aware of. For instance the opening of flower petals, the movement of clouds or crowd patterns in a busy street.

The technique also imbues the footage with a slightly surreal or dream-like quality and can add drama, interest and tension to an otherwise mundane shot.

View a short time-lapse photography showreel:

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