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UK-based Spirotech-SRD Group are global leaders in the design, manufacture and delivery of industrial bulk handling systems for the most demanding commercial environments worldwide. With multi-million pound projects, backing from the UK Government and major investments in latest technology and machinery, a professional and consistent marketing approach is essential for the company.

Catalyst’s ‘total control’ marketing solution

Catalyst’s ‘total control’ marketing solution brings together the design of the website; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & YouTube pages; and PR & advertisements into one cohesive style.

Twitter and Facebook integration

Catalyst have produced a brand new ‘easy to update’ responsive website which focuses strongly on latest projects and company news. As the directors are keen social media users Twitter and Facebook integration into the website was essential.

PR and advertising

The launch of the new Spirotech website was tied in with a PR promotion in Solids & Bulk Handling magazine. The front cover and double-page editorial spread was handled and produced by Catalyst who, in close liaison with the magazine, arranged the look of the pieces and supplied all the relevant text and marked up images. In addition to the PR, a family of advertisement templates in varying sizes were produced to promote all of Spirotech’s strengths and benefits, each ad focussing on a different aspect of the Group’s business.

Email marketing

Catalyst send out a regular email newsletter for Spirotech-SRD highlighting new services, latest news and current promotions. Catalyst’s email marketing system allows us to manage lists and subscribers, taking the pain out of list management by handling the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Our email marketing system also provides extensive reporting and analytics that allow Spirotech to measure the effectiveness of every campaign we send. Read more about Catalyst’s email marketing service.

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