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With the launch of the 3rd generation responsive website, Catalyst has played a key part in the nationwide expansion of DALROD (UK) Ltd since 2007.

The completion of a new, responsive, fully SEO optimised CMS website adds strength to DALROD’s marketing mix and helps them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Responsive website design and development

With todays multitude of devices and delivery services it’s important that any website is viewable on any type of device, is quick to load when only a poor connection is available but is attractive and ‘visual’ on well connected devices. The responsive website not only reconfigures depending on the screen size but also recognises the type of device and ‘simplifies’ the page to improve loading speed.

Fully search engine optimised

With stiff competition in the drain cleaning industry, SEO is of vital importance to the survival of the fittest and the site, built from the bottom up with that in mind, fulfils all major SEO requirements. In addition, strong, crisp design coupled with good action photography lifts the site to rival any competitor whilst retaining an approachable feel.

News and maintenance

Catalyst’s role also includes the research and generation of regular news stories for the website to ensure that the site is kept fresh and relevant. And all news stories are automatically fed straight to the clients social media accounts. Catalyst also provide ongoing maintenance for the site ensuring that the system is kept up-to-date, backed-up and safe from would be hackers.

Website landing pages

As DALROD cover the whole of the UK with a mix of franchisee and service centres, area specific landing pages are incorporated within the responsive website to help retain a local feel (and at the same time improve SEO performance) as the company rapidly expands. Each franchise has its own Facebook feed to further ‘individualise’ the section.

Visit the DALROD (UK) Ltd responsive website: