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Website design and construction services from Catalyst Design Partnership

Catalyst Design Partnership provide full website design and construction services. Catalyst design and build different types of website to suit your company’s requirement – Content Management System (CMS) websites, e-commerce websites, responsive websites, bespoke websites and brochure websites.

Types of website design and construction

CMS (content management system) websites

Website design and construction using a database driven system allows publishing, editing, modifying and maintenance quickly and easily. Often used for news blog sites that are constantly updated. When maintained correctly, this type of website is highly regarded by Google rankings.

Online content management system
ABOVE Catalyst used the WordPress online content management system to create a website for an ecological services company. The system allows the client to quickly and easily add content themselves both in the office and in the field via a simple to use smartphone and tablet app. Read more about this website design and construction project

Further examples of Catalyst’s CMS websites are:
DAVAL Computers
PACE Mechanical Handling

E-commerce websites

An e-commerce (electronic commerce) website is built to allow buying and selling of product or service over the Internet. There are many approaches to the programming build dependant on the range of items on offer within the website.

Online store website design and construction
ABOVE A bespoke e-commerce engine with an online browser-based admin area to allow a professional gardeners’ association to add, update and remove products/categories and process orders. The store was setup to handle three separate currencies and two payment options: full payment or deposit/balance with automated email reminders for balance collection. The site also included an online form for membership applications. If the prospect is approved, it allows them to be assigned a specific product in the online store which allows them to quickly purchase membership based on qualifying criteria. Read more about this website design and construction project

Further examples of Catalyst’s e-commerce websites are:
Professional Gardeners’ Guild

Responsive websites

Website design and construction intended to re-size and therefore provide optimal navigation and reading when viewing across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Responsive website design by Catalyst Design Partnership
ABOVE A responsive website that re-configures for mobile devices and smart phones was the perfect solution for a fitness instructor’s online presence. The site adapts seamlessly to different size windows, vertically or horizontally without losing navigation or information. Read more about this website design and construction project

Further examples of Catalyst’s responsive websites are:
Giddens Driving Tuition

Bespoke websites

In addition to including elements of the websites listed above, website design and construction of a bespoke website may require further software programming to be specifically written – or customised for a specific purpose – e.g. secure client login areas, customised database integration etc.

Website design and production for diving products company
ABOVE Interactive reseller map for diving products company. The map marks the location worldwide for each reseller and links through to a customised contact enquiry form. The database system allows the client to easily add new resellers to the map via a user-friendly form with no coding necessary. Read more about this website design and construction project

Further examples of Catalyst’s bespoke websites are:
SMC Systems Integration
Darke Group

Brochure websites

Website design and construction that advertises a company’s products, gives general information about the company but does not require extra functionality.

Full screen slideshow
ABOVE An attractive full-page scaling slideshow on the home page of this systems integrations company website adequately displays the high-end home cinema, AV and home automation projects associated with the company. Read more about this website design and construction project

Further examples of Catalyst’s brochure websites are:
Merge Controls Ltd
Scott Heating and Ventilation

Website design and construction – Search engine optimisation (SEO)

A vital component in ensuring the success of your website is SEO. Expert search engine optimisation helps enormously with Google ranking (Google is the search engine that is most popularly used worldwide).

What is required in Google’s eyes to rank the site highly is for a website’s content to be relevant to the URL (web address), contain vital keywords and phrases that explain in a nutshell what the website is about, and to be updated on a regular basis. This, in addition to the behind-the-scenes activities can really help boost the website’s rankings and draw the traffic to your website.

Website maintenance

Catalyst offer two options for managing the content of your website:

1. Website maintenance by Catalyst
Catalyst can make changes and updates to your website on a basis that suits your requirements. This can either be on a pre-arranged monthly basis, or on an ad-hoc basis as and when your site needs updating and charged at an hourly rate.

2. Custom built content management system (CMS) website
For websites that require regular changes and updates, Catalyst design and build database-driven CMS sites, which present you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to change the text, images, product prices etc on your site with minimal training.