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Google announces mobile-friendly websites to rank better in mobile search

Google has announced that on April 21, 2015, Google’s mobile ranking factors will not only label your site as mobile-friendly, but will also use that to determine if your site should rank higher in the search results. This algorithmic change will have a “significant impact” in the mobile search results.

Mobile-friendly website design and production

Key facts about mobile-friendly websites

  • Just over 67% of people search for products and services on their mobile phones using Google’s search engine.
  • 94% of people snub their desktop computer at home or work to use their mobile to search for local information!
  • Potential customers are 60% more likely to abandon searches on non-mobile sites
  • 73% of potential customers prefer an easy to use, fully functional mobile website with no pinching or zooming

It’s a fact that you can simply grow your website views by going mobile. Unless your website is responsive it’s highly likely you’re only reaching a tiny percentage of your potential customers. So don’t lose your website ranking on Google.

View some of Catalyst’s mobile-friendly websites:

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Videos for local charity race night

Charity Race Night videos

Catalyst Video Services recently spent a great day with local business owners filming a series of ‘races’ for a charity race night to help raise funds for two local charities.

SSBP Race Night 2015 – Meet the trainees video

SSBP Race Night 2015 – Trailer

Catalyst Video Services produced a series of short videos for the SSBP’s charity Race Night. The videoing took place on March 4th and included events at GO Ape at High Lodge in Thetford, trampolining at Rotations in Huntingdon and a supermarket dash at a local CO-OP Foodstore.

Catalyst have edited the hours of footage into 14 short videos, one each for introductions to the races, the actual races and these two promotional videos. These will all be shown on the night and the audience will be able to bet on the outcome of each race. The money raised on the night will go to two local charities – CARESCO and Little People UK.

See more examples of Catalyst’s videos at Catalyst Video Services

Looking forward to a great night!

Karim Rejeb – MTB & BMX Playmobil stop motion video.

Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with playmobil characters. Great…

Google No. 1 spot for Spirotech

After completing a website overhaul for screw conveyor manufacturer Spirotech-SRD, Catalyst were asked to help promote a new service that the company has recently invested in.

Highly optimised for SEO

Spirotech has invested a substantial amount in a new ‘screw flight press’ system and wanted to promote the service to a wider audience as quickly as possible. Catalyst produced a dedicated website landing page and new pages for the system, carefully ensuring that the pages were highly optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Google number 1 resultsGoogle number 1 spot achieved through concentrated SEO practise

No. 1 ‘organic’ listing within only 8 weeks

Catalyst’s SEO expertise has enabled Spirotech’s website to achieve a No. 1 ‘organic’ listing on Google’s first page within only 8 weeks, sidestepping the need for costly pay-per-click advertising.

Catalyst’s SEO system ensures results

Partner Paul explains:

Catalyst’s SEO system carefully analyses the content of each page against specific chosen keywords and phrases, enabling us by use of a ‘traffic light’ system to identify and hone every aspect of SEO on a website page.

To find out how Catalyst’s SEO system can help improve your website’s ranking please give Paul a call on 01832 293175 or email

Hey – have a (late) summer work break! Make some raspberry vodka!

Demonstration ‘demonstration video’.

Always looking for an excuse to test some vodka Catalyst have made a short demonstration video to show how to make raspberry-infused vodka. The video was shot by Catalyst Video Services on a Canon 70D and Panasonic HDC-SD900 along with a Zoom H4 audio recorder. A variety of shots were achieved with a fluid head tripod whilst slider shots were achieved with a Konova K2 DSLR slider. The video was edited, colour balanced and graded in Final Cut Pro X. Titles were created in Adobe After Effects.

And this is what you do… Krystyna will show you how.

Raspberry vodka is very easy to make. All you need is raspberries, sugar and an unflavoured (plain) vodka. Using a 1 litre bottle Krystyna adds 200g of raspberries, 100g of white sugar and 700cl of vodka. Krystyna’s using Polish Wyborowa vodka but you can use any brand of vodka. First add the sugar, then the raspberries, then the vodka. Then turn it over for a few minutes to mix the ingredients. Once it’s well mixed place the bottle in a dark place and turn it round each day for the first week or so. You should then leave it for at least three months for the flavour to mature. Keep testing it to make sure that you’re happy with the amount of sugar. When you’re ready you can strain off the vodka from the fruit through a sieve. Krystyna uses a fine muslin inside the sieve to ensure none of the fruit ends up in the bottle. Krystyna serves her vodka straight from the freezer. The fruit can then be used in puddings or on ice-cream etc.

On camera mic v shotgun mic

Catalyst Video Services were recently asked by the Sawtry Small Business Partnership to come along and video them at the Sawtry Carnival, an annual event that not only give Sawtry community a great day out but also gives local businesses, charities and services the opportunity to meet the public and at the same time help raise money for local charities.

As with any event video the main consideration is to get good audio as well as video and the carnival atmosphere was certainly a challenge. Unfortunately, DSLR cameras are not that great at recording audio. The on board microphones are noisy and prone to record camera noise. Plugging an external microphone into the line-in has also leaves a lot to be desired.

Double audio system

Catalyst have found that it is better to use an external recording device and record in a ‘double system.’ Recording via a ‘double system’ means capturing audio with the camera as well as an external recording device – just like a film shoot: we record the image in the camera, get your high-quality sound from a separate device, and sync it in post.

Also practically speaking, it is better to capture audio externally. It means that the camera is free to move whilst a separate microphone – either a lavaliere (lapel) microphone close to the speaker or a shotgun mic if the environment is noisy/windy – records high quality sound.

Shotgun mic and audio recorder

This is a quick demo video to show why on the day we chose to record the audio separately with a shotgun mic into an audio recorder and then synced the audio and video in the final editing. The results speak for themselves!

The video was shot on a Canon EOS 70D and the audio was recorded both straight onto our Zoom H1 Audio Recorder and via a RODE Shotgun VideoMic onto our Zoom H1 and H4 Audio Recorders.

Catalyst Video Services video the Sawtry Small Business Partnership at Sawtry Show 2014

Catalyst Video Services spent a great day on Saturday 7th June at the Sawtry Carnival for the Sawtry Small Business Partnership videoing SSBP members, meeting local charities, clubs, service people and members of the community. A well organised event and a fun day for Catalyst Video Services!

Catalyst Video Services produced a video to introduce members of the Sawtry Small Business Partnership to the Sawtry Community. The event gives the SSBP the opportunity to introduce their products and services whilst supporting local charities at the same time. The Community services video was produced by Catalyst Video Services who are members of the SSBP.

The video was shot by Catalyst Video Services on a Canon 70D and Panasonic HDC-SD900 along with Rode VideoMic. Crane shots were achieved with a BoomBandit mini jib. The video was edited, colour balanced and graded in Final Cut Pro X.

Catalyst Video Services is a part of Catalyst Design Partnership based in Great Gidding, Huntingdon, Cambs.

CDP and SSBP at Huntingdonshire Business Fair

Catalyst and two other members of the SSBP exhibited at the Huntingdonshire Business Fair this year. All of the members agreed that it was a great opportunity to meet other businesses and to raise awareness of both the SSBP and their own businesses.

New products and services

Paul and Krystyna of Catalyst Design Partnership took the opportunity to officially launch the new ‘Video for Websites’ service and were demonstrating the camera equipment alongside a showreel of recent ‘business to business’ videos. Krystyna explained “video is now an important part of your website’s SEO package – and it’s 53 times more likely that you’ll get a page one ranking on Google if your website contains a video”.

Catalyst also had on display examples of graphic design and website production services.

Krystyna added “We’ve all had a very good day, we’ve had lots of enquiries and we look forward to exhibiting next year”.

Video demonstration at Huntingdon Business Fair

Huntingdonshire Business Fair 2014

We’d love to see you at The Huntingdonshire Business Fair 2014 where we’ll be demonstrating our new ‘video for websites’ service. Catalyst has been producing low-cost videos for our clients for a few years now but we’ve stepped up the service by investing in the very latest video filming and post-production hardware and software.

Video on websites is so important for so many reasons – come and enjoy a snack with us and find out why. Admission is free.

Vidoe production services
The show is on Thursday 3 April 2014
Wood Green Animal Shelters
King’s Bush Farm
London Road
PE29 2NH

Neue Helvetica for Catalyst

Catalyst Design Partnership logo

Recently the sharp-eyed amongst you may have notice a subtle change to the Catalyst logo and website.

A new look to our ‘mugshots’ and home page services slideshow are the most obvious changes along with the adoption of the font Neue Helvetica for both our website and logo. Although Helvetica was originally designed in the 1957, Neue Helvetica has been redesigned for the digital age by the Stempel Type Foundry from the famous Helvetica typeface, creating a strong, self-contained font family consisting of 51 different font weights.

Neue Helvetica

Why did we choose Neue Helvetica font?

We feel Neue Helvetica reflects our ideas and principles very nicely – it is the quintessential sans serif font, it’s both timeless and neutral, and can be used for all types of communication. This reflects the way we approach our work. We don’t come to a new project with set ideas. Instead we approach each project with an open, neutral mind and try to produce a timeless solution.

Why not contact Catalyst on 01832 293 175 if you feel you need a fresh, open-minded approach to your marketing?