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Six good SEO reasons for adding video to your website

In an effort to limit the impact of sites that try to influence search results through underhand methods, Google recently unveiled a series of dramatic changes which all point to the importance of having content that engages, educates and incentivises users to stay on a company’s website. While the overall aim is to improve search results, Google has changed how content is valued.

Video can make your pages more sticky

What is important to Google – and therefore the rankings – is that the site engages appropriately with its audience (i.e. you don’t search for blocked drains and get umbrellas) and one marketing tool is becoming increasing important because it ticks all of the Google boxes. And that’s video. Here are 6 reasons to add video to your website:

  • A product page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google.
  • Videos in search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text.
  • Video can make your pages more sticky. Google has consistently indicated that the current algorithm uses time spent on a page from a click as an indicator of page quality.
  • YouTube dominates Google’s video results with around 80% of results.
  • 80% of the videos that Google serves up in the search results are informational videos.
  • Videos attract links, from video search engines, bookmarking websites and blogs for instance.


Video production service from Catalyst

Catalyst Design Partnership now offer a complete video service. Filming, editing, copywriting and voice-over are all produced in-house to create affordable information videos for products and services that can easily be embedded into a company’s website and social media sites.

View the portfolio for a few examples of recent projects produced for our clients, uploaded to YouTube and then embedded into their websites.

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