Professional location photography for Peterborough-based Scott Heating & Ventilation

THE BACKGROUND – Peterborough engineering company Scott Heating & Ventilation has been designing, manufacturing and fitting air-conditioning systems into factories, kitchens, offices and laboratories throughout the UK for over 25 years. Their knowledge and expertise in designing custom solutions is second to none. All their products are manufactured in-house by a highly skilled workforce.

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Helping the company stand out from its competitors

THE OBJECTIVE – Peterborough-based Scott Heating & Ventilation recently commissioned a series of corporate headshots and factory location photographs to update their website and to use as promotional images as part of their marketing strategy. The idea was to show how different the company is from its competitors – companies who typically order in products from bigger manufacturers and don’t offer the one-to-one custom solutions that Scott specialise in.

In order to achieve this CATALYST decided to photograph the skilled staff in-situ in the factory as they miraculously form the flat sheets of metal into the complex and intricate shapes that will eventually become parts of a complex heating and ventilation system. The objective was to reveal the personalities of the workforce and so give the company a ‘face’.

Once the photographs had been seen by the client they requested a similar approach for their office staff, to shoot the portraits in-situ as they went about their everyday tasks. For the company boardroom CATALYST was asked to shoot a series of ‘abstract’ photographs of the finished metal elements.

Professional photography services

THE OUTCOME – For the factory staff a series of toned black and white images were produced, each staff member photographed holding an item from the ventilation systems, and in addition a variety of detail shots were taken as the materials were bent and manipulated.

The office staff were photographed over a couple of days and the final images retouched and cleaned up in Adobe Lightroom. The final portfolio of images have given Scott’s a source of images to draw upon as they push ahead with their current marketing strategy. View other photographic projects on our dedicated video and photography website at Catalyst Video Services

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Corporate Identity and Design for Print

CATALYST has also provided Scott Heating and Ventilation with a brand new corporate identity which has been applied across all marketing and promotional collateral and across their new fleet vehicles.

Logo and corporate identity for Scott Heating and Ventilation
Stationery design and production for engineering company
Van graphics for Peterborough engineering company