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The client had a new hi-fi product in development with the holding name Musicmate, and wanted: “to establish a brand and develop cohesive and consistent launch collateral that appeals to the target market of 20 — 35 year olds”.

By researching and understanding the target market, Catalyst designed the musicm8 logo to appeal specifically to the target group. The flexible logo and graphic styling, which incorporates an illustration produced in-house by Catalyst, is used throughout – in the product interface, product packaging, point of sale promotional cards, website, and in national advertising in Stuff and T3 magazines etc.

The striking logo and eye-catching graphics have quickly helped to establish musicm8 as a highly sought-after product in a challenging marketplace.

Following on from Catalyst’s initial logo design, packaging design and brochure design – the new website for XiVA™ musicm8, an advanced home entertainment server, showcases the product’s main features and technical specifications alongside support and distributor information. The home page Flash movie gives a quick overview of the musicm8’s key features and adds impact and appeal to the site aimed at a core 20—35 year old technically savvy audience.