Classic logo design for Peterborough architects

THE BACKGROUND – Peterborough-based Folium Architects work in the authentic tradition of classical and vernacular architecture. Intrinsic to this work is a belief that traditional architecture has a proven quality and will endure the test of time and passing fashion.

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Logo design for Folium Architects

A logo for an architectural practice specialising in classical and traditional building methods

THE OBJECTIVE – Jan Maciag, the owner of the architectural practice, has operated under his own name for a number of years but felt that it was time for a fresh look and a new name that reflects his very specific approach to architecture.

Logo design for Cambridgeshire architectural practice
Stationery design and production for Folium Architects
Signage for Peterborough architectural practice

An adaptable logo design solution

THE OUTCOME – The elegant logo is based upon the classical Palatino font along with an icon that reflects architectural decoration made up of a series of leaf designs (the definition of Folium). The elements of the logo system are designed to adapt well both in vertical and horizontal layouts.

The designs offers an adaptability and legibility as well as a colour scheme that work equally well across both web and print.

Website design and development for Peterborough architects

A website that reflects the company ethos

Alongside the logo design for Peterborough architects, CATALYST designed and built the company website with Folium’s ethos very much in mind. The result is a clean, classic layout with an intuitive interface that can easily be updated by the client.

You can view the Folium Architects website at

Mobile website design and production for Cambridgeshire architects

Aerial photography and staff photography completes the service

Alongside the new logo design and website CATALYST also produced a set of staff photographs for use on the web and in print. CATALYST also provided aerial photographs for Folium Architects including a set of images to show a potential development site and a series of images tracing the development and construction of a village housing development. Several of the aerial photographs were supplied with additional layers showing property boundaries.